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Safety & Community

covid-19 health & safety

19 Waltzes for the Distanced is a perfect project for this pandemic time, because it unites a large number of people in a massive shared artistic experience…without encouraging crowds to congregate at any one place. However, should chance dictate that several participants gather at the same place and time, please follow Vancouver Coastal Health's guidelines, including:

  • Keep a distance of 2 meters from other participants

  • If distancing is not possible, wear a mask

  • Be mindful of high-touch areas and objects (i.e. garbage lids, benches, etc.)

  • Stay home if you're feeling sick

Traffic safety

Some locations are on situated on busy streets. Please exercise caution when Performing, Listening, Making Records, and approaching locations, especially with children and pets.

Some of the locations we happened to select are in residential neighbourhoods or close to private businesses. Please be sensitive to the noise concerns of people living and working nearby. The specific locations we have designated on each page are on public property; please avoid straying onto private property.

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