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19.2 29th & Atlin

Northwest corner, Atlin Community Garden

29th & Atlin.jpg

Video submitted by Vi Levitt

For my performance I performed John Cage's "Litany for the Whale" half as an ambient instrumental piece, and half as unaccompanied voice. 

While this is only a portion of my performance, my experience as a part of 19 Waltzes for the Distanced went way beyond that. In addition to the instrumental and vocal renditions of Litany for the Whale that I performed. I managed to talk to a member of the local community about John Cage and the festival at length. My focus was to try and perform in a way that went along with the spatial contours found in the garden - sonically I feel like I accomplished that. Though physically I should consider not bringing an amplifier next time, especially when rain is in the forecast

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