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2.1 4th & Quebec

Northwest corner

Blueridge 19 Waltzes Drawing from Ontari

Drawing submitted by Jeff Younger

4th & Quebec.jpg
Siding Lines and Plants.JPG
Graffiti Removal Notice.JPG
Construction _Matchsticks_.JPG

Photos submitted by Jeff Younger

There is this disheveled building on the corner, obviously Covid abandoned/neglected, and on the door was this notice from the city that they were gonna come down on the owner for being on contravention of the Graffiti By-law No. 7343!!  Evil building owner letting the city go to shit!!  Notice dated Aug 7/20.


So that weirdness, plus the bars on the windows and the cool, long lines and angles of the siding, made for the inclusion of the text that eventually turned into a kind of nonsensical stitching.  Decayed plant cause decayed plant, and the "matchsticks" in the upper right were taken from the supports on the in-construction building across the intersection.  7 of them, one for each month of Vancouver Covid days.  And the figure... well, yeah.

Record by Rob Hughes

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