1.3 26th & Main

Northwest corner

Videos submitted by Jordan Nobles

Photos submitted by Jan Gates

Featuring Jeremy Berkman & Katie Rife

Unexpected pleasures are extra special these days, and the opportunity to participate in this John Cage inspired project allowed for several important ones for me.  As I was stationed at 26th and Main, I was positioned in a place where if I just listened the hum of activity I enjoyed beautiful crescendos and rubatos....seemed to be somewhat centred around a C pitched hum, so some of the music I chose to play reacted to that.  Other music I played included excerpts from Owen Underhill's Trombone Walking...and my participation was sponsored by the CMC BC region, for which I am grateful.   I was blessed to be visited by several listeners as well as those who passed by for momentary interactions.  With two others, we improvised a trio..so much fun!  One of the visitors and I spoke at length of our mutual experiences with the music and thinking of John Cage.  She had been very influenced by him as she found her voice as an artist and citizen, and I was extremely fortunate to have performed for a 75th birthday concert for John Cage in New York while at school, and that experience was very transformative to my understanding of music-making, listening, and performance practice.


Record submitted by Jeremy Berkman (Trombonist)

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