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How Can I Participate?

1. Choose Your Location(s) from the 57 locations on the map

2. Choose Your Action(s): On September 19 (1-4 pm), go to your location(s) and:

  • PERFORM (play or sing music, dance, read a poem, or perform some other deliberate action

  • Listen (observe any performance you find, or simply the ambient sounds of the location) AND/OR

  • MAKE A RECORD (take a photo, video, or audio recording, draw a picture, write an account of your experience, etc.)

3. Share your Record! (Optional) Send photos, documents, and video links, along with your name and location, to

Can’t decide what to do? Try our Random Experience Generator for a customized suggestion of a location and specific action to take or record to make!

Who can participate?

Everyone! Professional and amateur artists in every discipline—including musicians, dancers, writers, visual artists, etc.—and members of the community at large are all encouraged to participate.

Why should i participate?

Community experience!
19 Waltzes for the Distanced is a perfect project for the pandemic time, because it unites a large number of people in a massive shared artistic experience without encouraging crowds to congregate at the same place and time. Although the Records will be shared on this website, and most Records will be created more or less in solitude, the project celebrates the importance of place and real-time collaboration.

(Re)Discover the City!
19 Waltzes for the Distanced is about opening your ears--and your eyes--to the places that are often overlooked.


Submit Records from 3 different locations, and receive a Blueridge Chamber Music Festival tote bag!

Submit Records from all 57 locations, and receive 2 Season Passes to the 2021 Blueridge Chamber Music Festival!

I'm busy on September 19. Can I still participate?

Absolutely! While we encourage you to join in the community performance on September 19 if possible, you can visit the locations and submit records any time you like.

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